Published Works

LA Weekly
I tell cool stories about interesting people and things in LA.
This Huntington Park Restaurant Has The Biggest Torta Menu In L.A.
There’s Still A Legit Filipino Bakery In L.A. And It’s Not Going Anywhere
How An Instagram Account Became A Portal To 1990s Chicano Gang Life

As the project manager and editor overseeing about 70 young reporters in the Southern California area who produced a community news site and quarterly tri-lingual newspaper. Over the years, I’ve edited hundreds of stories– here are a few of my favorite:
Undocumented People Left Behind in Affordable Healthcare Act
Forgotten & Underserved: Pacific Islanders Fight For Academic Success
NewsLongBeach: The Voices of UndocuQueers
With Memories of War, A Young Iraqi Settles Into America
How To Be A Good Trans Youth Ally: Tips From A Long Beach Youth

As the project manager, I have organized numerous community news forums as well as managed the creation of our multi-lingual and participatory website from design to content and functionality, seen here at Below is a video I shot and produced, which explains the project as explained by our youth reporters.

Futuro Media
Asian Americans are the best-educated and highest-income ethnic group in the United States. They are often referred to as the “model minority,” suggesting that all Asians are successful in school and in life. But Southeast Asian Americans have some of the lowest high school completion rates in the nation.

We visit Long Beach, California—the city with America’s largest Cambodian community—to find out why this educational crisis is happening and what people are doing about it. Click on the photo below to view  the entire episode.
Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.56.54 PM

dot429 magazine
Federal Ruling To End Housing Discrimination
LGBT Legislation And The “Lavender Scare”
Castro Visits US To Discuss Gay Rights
Black Youth Project Releases Data On Gays In The Community
Designers Come Together To Campaign For Obama
Bea Arthur Residence Opening In NYC For Homeless LGBT Youth

Beverly Hills Weekly

Left Turn Magazine
Mirrors- Stories of Almost Everyone

LOUDmouth Magazine
Punx Is Gentrifiers: Breaking It Down And Getting A Clue About Your Role in Displacing Others

Small-Scale Publishing Equals Large-Scale Empowerment

DC North
Police Checkpoints In Trinidad: trinidad

National Women’s Prison Project
Racial Disparity Still Plagues Maryland Corrections System: NWPP -In The News – National Women’s Prison Project, Inc.

Population Connection / The Reporter
Abstinence-Only Education: Missing Something
Caught In The Crosshairs: Wildlife Faces The Population Challenge

Daily 49er
Godfather Of Horror Speaks To CSULB Students
MOCA’s Intricate, Contemporary Works
Employers To Insure Thousands Of Workers
Scholars Discuss Conflict
Women Encouraged To Join Engineering
Breast Cancer Awareness Promoted


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